Avoid Procrastination With These Simple StepsAvoid Procrastination With These Simple Steps

Many folks have problems with an undiagnosable condition called procrastination. We procrastinate with everything; we defer what we’re able to do today until tomorrow. Then, whenever we reach tomorrow, we procrastinate and wait before next tomorrow. Fortunately, it is possible to avoid procrastination by carrying out a few easy steps. The very first thing that […]

How Streaking Got Me OFF OF THE SofaHow Streaking Got Me OFF OF THE Sofa

How can be your January health kick going? If you’re any thing like me then you could have cracked the dietary plan side, but exercise is permitting you to down. It’s hard getting a workout regime that best suits you when it’s cold and wet outside. Could streaking function as response to my exercise problems? […]

Ready To Conquer Procrastination?Ready To Conquer Procrastination?

We all put some things off until tomorrow (or in a few days), but sometimes that behavior could cause problems. Bills don’t receives a commission promptly. Tax forms are submitted late. Projects are postponed for the last-minute scramble. This behavior could cause us to feel guilty, burdened, and exhausted. Plus, it could cost us in […]

National League North SuspendedNational League North Suspended

Folks am I mistaken I thought a decision on the play offs and promotion and relegation was due today for the three national leagues? Think they are due to make a decision regarding the possibility of proceeding with the playoffs sometime this week. There is some ‘chatter’ indicating that the playoffs will not go ahead. […]