In Edirne, Shah Sultan is talking with Suleyman and Gulfem stands looking worried beside her. Suleyman looks horrified with what he’s got just heard. Within the harem, Rakel continues to be caught and Hurrem, alongside Sumbul and Fahriye enters an area where she actually is being kept. Bali Bey awaits beyond your Has Oda (Sultan’s Chamber). Hurrem arrives within the hallway and greets him. Bali Bey replies they are all secure and he has gotten an order to take her to Edirne. Hurrem asks what this signifies and Bali says he does not have any information, that this Sultan really wants to see her simultaneously. Hurrem replies that when this is the case, she’ll prepare yourself. Meanwhile, Shah Sultan and Lutfi are together. Hurrem Sultan includes a tongue of poison (she’ll escape it somehow). You ought to have without doubt, Sultanim. Later, Bali Bey stands because of the carriage, waiting.

Time Until 9pm Tomorrow

She tells Nigar it really is good she’s come, and this she herself wanted to also talk with her.

An agha announces Mihrimah’s arrival. Bali Bey asks how she actually is, and Mihrimah asks him if he could be really asking cause he cares to learn, or just out from politeness. Afife replies that she shouldn’t have any worries, that she’ll personally look after them. Hatice is at her palace when Nigar arrives. She tells Nigar it really is good she’s come, and this she herself wanted to also talk with her. Nigar asks if she got the news headlines and Hatice asks waht news? Nigar tells her about Hurrem leaving for Edirne after being called towards the Sultan by his order, and alone, without her children. Nigar replies that Shah has considered everything and that time it isn’t that simple. When Nigar leaves, Hatice asks an agha to check out her. In Manisa during the night, Musafa is within his room when Yahya enters.

Mustafa asks when there is any news with the Sultan yet and Taslicali says which the army is within the return journey they’re at Edirne at this time now or tomorrow will most likely get back to the Pay -i-taht. Mustafa asks why Yahya looks unhappy and when something is wrong and Yahya replies that another Ottoman trade ship continues to be taken/commandeered, from the Izmir coast reports say a Portugese Corsair Cristovao da Gama took it. Mustafa seems concerned about this. He asks: “What number incident is this?! Who’s this Cristovao? From where and from would you he get his courage?” Yahya replies he may be the son of the famous Captain named Vasco Da Gama. Mustafa is angry and says it cannot keep on with this way, which is very important to them to discover a solution simultaneously. Rumeysa is within Mahidevran’s room, talks about some clothes and puts it before her and talks about herself inside the mirror inside the mirror and recalls her dance for Mustafa and Ayse enters and Rumeysa notices her.

Rumeysa says she must go set aside the clothes, but Ayse stops her.

Ayse says: “What exactly are you doing here?” Rumeysa replies that Mahidevran’s clothes attended from tailor and she was getting them prepared to be placed away..Ayse asks her if she is at the entertainment party of another night for your Shehzade. Rumeysa says that Mahidevran had wanted her to stay it, so she was. Ayse asks her who she actually is fooling, and she got ready of her very own accord and included herself within the dance. Rumeysa says she must go set aside the clothes, but Ayse stops her. In his room, Mustafa speaks to Yahya. He tells him to obtain the Divan together as he wishes to go over it there. Mahidevran enters. Yahya leaves and Mahidevran asks if everything is alright. Mustafa tells her that another with the Ottoman trade ships is commandeered by some Corsairs, which something should be done relating to this. Mustafa responds he will send word needless to say, however in the meantime that there must be something done. Mustafa tells her to be worried about the harem, and don’t interfere inside the matters of hawaii.

Mahidevran asks: “Exactly what will you do? will you fight the Corsairs?!” She asks him how that is possible, no Prince is meant to accomplish anything concerning this type of thing, which without informing, even getting on a boat is forbidden. In Edirne, within the gardens, an agha anounces Hurrem. Rustem comes and says he didn’t know she was coming and welcomes her. Hurrem tells Fahriye to hold back and she leaves with Bali Bey. Within the next scene, we see Shah Sultan and Gulfem watching by way of a window. Shah Sultan says: “Finally, Hurrem has come.” Gulfem says how the ride over has probably given her to be able to think and this she’ll just deny everything and obtain you (Shah) in big trouble! Gulfem asks if this is exactly what she intended on happening? In Edirne, Hurrem walks with the hall and finds a door to meet up Suleyman who’s inside. Hurrem nervously enters. Sulyeman is waiting along with his back turned. I could see you!