This is really a long one forum friends. I opted to create one really long report rather than installments much like all consuming work looming tomorrow I probably could not complete what I started… I composed this trip report while searching at a brand new blanket of white snow, wishing it had been the soft blanket of white sand on White Bay or Oppenheimer Beach. I’m missing my islands. Terribly. We returned late Friday night from 11 glorious days on Jost Van Dyke and St. John. I composed two separate trip reports, one for the initial four days on JVD, and something for the week on St. John. There wasn’t much activity in the JVD forum as i was planning my trip – hopefully our insights can help those wondering what an island based stick to JVD is actually like. Some quick applying for grants both islands: first of all, we loved our stick to Jost.

We stayed inside the Plantation Villa (White Bay Villas – see separate review) overlooking White Bay and, quite honestly, I didn’t desire to leave. Mornings on White Bay, prior to the day trippers arrived, were idyllic. The views were stunning. Individuals of Jost kind and welcoming and the tiny family run establishments from White Bay authentic and charming. Time slowed up on JVD and I skip the daily rhythm there. We shall return and stay even longer the next time. St. John still holds a particular invest my heart, but this trip was different for me personally. The elements wasn’t as kind, as well as perhaps that colored my view, but in so far as i love St. John, I didn’t love a number of the changes I came across, some subtle, some glaring. And yes, we’ve been back since Irmaria (this is our third trip because the storms). This is more concerning the underlying shift inside the feel on the island than how it offers recovered (incredibly well) in the storms.

The wonder altered a little, and raw in spots, but nonetheless utterly breathtaking.

St. John: St. John captured my heart decades ago. I used to be on island for just a few short days that first trip, but days past forever changed my take on just what a perfect island, and vacation, ought to be. Verdant hills falling gently into blue seas, soft white sand beaches gently greeting those seas such as a lover’s kiss, bays filled up with turtles and rays, a straightforward relaxed charm. Wherever I traveled since that first visit, near, far, I compared the knowledge to St. John. Only the Tobago Cays attended near this epic bar. The devastating storms of 2017 altered our St. John plans for 2018. We finally returned twice in early 2019 and even though ravaged, we found the island resilient and strong. The wonder altered a little, and raw in spots, but nonetheless utterly breathtaking. After returning we gladly began planning for a trip for early 2020, and convinced our friends, fellow water and nature lovers to become listed on us. This is the very first time we’d traveled with others to St. John.

I knew we were a little late in the overall game when searching for 3 bedroom options (June for the late January trip), and everything three couples had different budget guidelines. We finally landed on Calichi at Picture Point. Two couples would stay static in the two 2 bedroom Orchid Villa, as the third couple, who have been still newlyweds, chosen the main one bedroom Guava House. The views, pool area and amenities all carefully added to social media marketing, were amazing selling points. Calichi “belongs” for the owners of St. John concrete. When coming to the property you’ll know how strategic that is – the 6 villas (combination of 1 and 2 bedroom) are beautifully made of solid concrete. The house was partially completed before Irma, and withstood the ravaging sustained winds of this category 5 storm. Calichi roads, drives and parking pads are concrete along with the magnificent infinity pool and common areas, with patios, hot hub, grilling area, lounge area, showers and bathroom.

We thought “Calichi” may mean clouds – as Bordeaux appeared to create its weather the complete time we were on island with clouds swirling round the villas each afternoon – but an instant Google search yielded this is: Caliche (/kəˈliːtʃiː/) is really a sedimentary rock, a hardened natural cement of calcium carbonate that binds other materials-such as gravel, sand, clay. Not so romantic, but very fitting. My communication with the house was, at booking, prompt and efficient, however things quickly went downhill following that. There have been some definite communication glitches which were problematic, but I’m not likely to explore them. Suffice it to state that customer support is important on this industry and a fresh property, with multiple units, should embrace it. The complete property is beautiful. The brand new concrete gleams as well as the professional landscaping is completely lovely. Flowers, palm trees and tropical plantings abound. The main one bedroom units are ideal for a couple. Both bedroom units were just a little small for just two couples and, for me, are better suitable for families (even though property itself isn’t very child friendly numerous stone stairwells, wire railings etc.).