It was a month or more after Christmas, and I was standing by my mailbox within the vestibule of this apartment building where I lived in Lexington, Kentucky, holding a letter I had developed just received. The handwriting had not been familiar and neither was the return address, though it was postmarked Seattle, Washington, exactly the same place where Hannah Paulson used to call home. A long time ago whenever i was just a little girl growing through to our dairy farm in west central Wisconsin, the Paulsons had lived nearby to us. Both farms were the only real residences situated on our mile-long stretch of isolated country road, and through the summer, I journeyed down the hill maybe once or twice a week to go to Hannah. With her hair arranged in waves swept back from her forehead and kindly blue eyes twinkling from behind wire-rimmed spectacles, she wore cotton shirtwaist dresses in the summertime along with a blue-and-white or pink-and-white checkered apron.

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Going to discover Hannah was the highlight of my summer vacations. There is just something about Mrs. Paulson that drew me to her just like the bees which were attracted to the wild roses growing around her big, old-fashioned farmhouse. I never considered that it could be rather unusual for me personally to take pleasure from visiting our elderly neighbor, despite the fact that there have been no other neighbors with children for me personally to experiment with with, no other children in my own family (my buddy is twenty-one years over the age of me and my sister is nineteen years older). Through the summer, Hannah and I’d cut and arrange flowers because Mrs. Paulson loved to possess flowers in her house. At other times I’d find her focusing on a project, like cleaning up the old chicken coop, or painting the barn, or weeding her garden. On days when it had been too hot to become outside, we sat in Mrs. Paulson’s kitchen and ate homemade oatmeal cookies. Hannah would ask me concerning the books I used to be reading (I loved to learn), and she’d tell me concerning the books she had liked to learn when she was just a little girl.

At once, that they had owned a farm in South Dakota.

Hannah and her husband, Bill, had lived in Seattle before they bought the farm close to ours. The farm had belonged to a member of family of theirs, plus they had wished to live in the united states again. At once, that they had owned a farm in South Dakota. Hannah have been a kindergarten teacher if they lived in Washington, although she was retired by enough time these were our neighbors. Because the Paulsons grew older plus the farm became an excessive amount of to allow them to look after, they made a decision to move back again to the west coast and settled in Oregon. Yet, when i contemplated the letter I had developed just received within my apartment in Lexington, I still couldnt work out who will be writing if you ask me from Seattle. Especially since i have knew it wasnt Hannah. I took the letter upstairs for the apartment to learn it. I sat down at your kitchen table, and in the envelope was an individual sheet of note paper covered with elegant, spidery handwriting. “Thank you for several of one’s kind words to my sister, Hannah Paulson. I dont know who you’re, but you will need to have had a particular, wonderful relationship with her.

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I sat there for a couple moments, stunned. Hannah was dead? And she hadnt read my letter? The simple truth is, for a few inexplicable reason, a couple weeks before Christmas I used to be overcome with the strongest feeling that we must write to your former neighbor and thank her to be so kind if you ask me as i was just a little girl. Although — the longer I considered the theory — the greater ridiculous it appeared to write to someone I hadnt observed in about fifteen years merely to give you thanks to be nice if you ask me as i was a youngster. I knew my mother still occasionally exchanged letters with Hannah, so when I finally concluded the nagging feeling had not been going to disappear completely, I called my mother in Wisconsin, got Hannahs address, wrote a letter and sent it in a very Christmas card. WHEN I mailed the envelope, I felt a particular sense of satisfaction, as though I had fashioned finally paid a vintage debt. Except that now Hannah was dead. And she hadn’t read my letter. When the shock wore off a bit, I called my mother. So when I informed her that Hannah had died, both of us begun to cry. “All those years when I possibly could have written, but I didnt,” I said inside a choked voice.

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