Mean Queen, Ilona posted this link yesterday, all about what constitutes a reasonable excuse to leave the place where you live. It’s so helpful (thank you very much, Ilona) that I thought I would reproduce it here for your information with Ilona’s permission (because I got it from her blog).
What constitutes a reasonable excuse to leave the place where you live
This applies to England – it may be different in other parts of the UK.

A lovely time was had down the allotment yesterday. I got the rest of the smaller bed finished and ready for little plants/seeds at the right time and now just need to keep the weeds down. It took a chunk out of the morning but I really did want to get it finished.
I spread manure under the rhubarb and also on some of the prepared soil. I’ve decided that if I do two buckets’-worth every visit, not too time consuming, it’ll be done in next to no time.
I got the watering done.
I didn’t get the stronger ground cover on. You see, I will need to move all the planks we put on to keep the cover from billowing up in a wind, plus the ground pegs (it seems daft to use double the amount of them), spread out the cover and then put back the pegs and the planks. It’s really the main task for a visit.

A few photos:

Taken from the back. It looks (and is) ready for action now, the earliest it’s ever been ready. Taking it one section at a time has really helped me.
That nice, clear patch with the potato trenches to the right will have some wigwams of runner beans and a square of baby corn plus a courgette or two, if there’s room.
I will be working on a bit of the covered-at-the-moment ground anyway, for courgettes and squash.

Strawberries for Beth.

The baby pears are very cute.

The other main thing was personal training. It wasn’t as good as last time because Lindsey kept breaking up and then my internet dropped (it’s doing that a bit at the moment) but it was fine and nice to have a chat.

Today is really more of the same. It’s interesting how my life has settled into a fairly regular routine now.

Something energetic:
Weather permitting, I start the day off with a visit to the allotment, although today I might not as we’ve had rain overnight and the forecast is for more rain and, possibly, thunder too. No complaints from me – the ground needed a good soaking. When it stops, I might get that cover down or I might just leave it until tomorrow.
Also, there’s PT, Lindsey’s daily clips and PE with Joe which I haven’t done all week so I have a few sessions to catch up. I will modify them – some of his sections are hard on the shoulders and mine is not 100% yet.

Something for house/garden:
I didn’t get any response from the garden company about poor little baby tomato, unsurprisingly, but I will be talking nicely and encouragingly to mummy tomato that seems to be sending out a pair of freshleaves. Her chances look better now. I have ironing to do and I ‘m trying out two new (to me) recipes.

Something social:
I’m popping a bit of shopping round to Beth so we’ll have a distance chat and we might have a longer online chat later on.

Something entertaining:
Annoyingly, I couldn’t get YouTube to open on the telly yesterday evening so didn’t catch Phantom. It’s on the list for today!

Something creative.
After leaving the side seam to hang for a few days, it doesn’t look too bad. I’ll get the other side seam sewn and maybe the sleeves tacked in. Once they’re done, it’s nearly finished.