Inspirational Quotes: "Never Put Off Till Tomorrow What ...What are Coincidences? Also known as Synchronicity. In layman’s terms, a coincidence is really a random act culminating in another virtually identical situation. For instance. John buys a red car. His brother who lives 2 hundred miles away rather than keeps in contact, also buys a red car on a single day. Coincidence? Or is the fact that Telepathy? Personally i think in cases like this it really is Telepathy. I really do have confidence in Telepathy. Due to the fact it has happened certainly to me on several occasions. Oh, do not get me wrong, I cannot see what’s in peoples wallets! Or read their pin number, unfortunately! I really do get yourself a feeling when I understand someone is arriving at visit who I haven’t seen for some time. To describe Telepathy, I believe you must realise and recognize that the synapses in the human brain are constantly sparking electricity, so when all atoms and electrons all focus on exactly the same principle only on an extremely much smaller level, without entering quantum physics, we are able to probably grab our friends or families brain waves. But this isn’t about Telepathy. That is purely about Coincidence. And not simply any old coincidence.

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I will attempt to help keep it from being what I love to call human error, or subconscious ‘remembering’. In case a coincidence is human error or subconcious remembering, it could go something similar to this. Jane gets married over the 20th June, and following the wedding states ‘Wow, that has been your day that my mum got married’. Human coincidence, predicated on subconscious memories. Which means act was set in place by her mind. The Coincidences that I wish to talk about will be the random out of nowhere kind. Those that don’t involve subconscious memories. Do Numbers POSSESS A Psychic Meaning? In my own family, exactly like in yours, there are specific dates in the calender month that stand out in your thoughts for grounds. For instance, birthday’s, Christmas, your big day and so forth. But imagine if certain dates stick out? The facts about those particular days and dates that produce them special, albeit in an awful way?

Also your day that my divorce was finalised!

Or maybe in an excellent way? Now you can call a subconscious thing, nonetheless it isn’t very accurate in order to have your child on your own birthday! They are just a couple dates in my own life that appear to keep jumping out at me. 1. 18th June. My birthday. As well as the day that certain of my friends died a couple of years ago. 2. 18th November. Your day that I acquired married. Also your day that my divorce was finalised! 3. 9th December. My dad in law was created. My dad in law died. My pal was buried. In the event that you were wondering if it had been exactly the same father in law? He died on his birthday! And of course my pal who recently died was buried with this same day. So, you note that a particular date or possibly just the numbers can often be Coincidental or more. I recall hating the quantity 11. Now this sounds crazy but also for some reason behind at the very least four years I hated that number.

We were very close, maybe I found on that number.

I could not wear it a lotto ticket. And I wouldn’t utilize it for other things. Then my Aunt died over the 11th June. Did I understand somehow? We were very close, maybe I found on that number. Who knows. Very strange. I needed never ever gone to court before. And luckily it wasn’t me that has been in trouble this time around! I went with my ex over the stupid case of misidentity. Well, we’ll call it that. It had been more the truth that he couldn’t stop picking right up the shiny shiny on to the floor! Evidently he found a wrist watch in the center of the street and decided that since it looked lovey and shiny and lost he’d take it house with him. Somebody grassed and there is a knock at the entranceway! But that wasn’t the difficulty, the difficulty was another person said it had been theirs but couldn’t prove it.

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But I digress. The idea of the story was this is the very first time i had stepped on the threshold in to the dark and murky world of Courts. Which was when my coincidence happened. Whilst looking forward to Jake to go his backside from the lawyers room. I heard laughter. And I suddenly looked around be met with my companion walking through the entranceway! Her son have been doing the naughties and she was there with him! She had never gone to court either. Same day. Same time! But needless to say they are just small coincidences. Or are they? You can find a lot of Coincidences documented on the market. Here are just a couple. Mark Twain was created on your day that Haileys Comet appeared in 1835. He died on your day in 1910 when Haileys Comet made it’s next appearance! An American novelist by the name of Anne Parrish was browsing within a bookstore in Paris France, when she found a book that she loved from childhood. Embracing her husband she told him just how much she loved the book. Her husband took it from her and flicked through it.