Country, Southern and Bluegrass Gospel Song Today Is ...Ridge top convection clouds will go through every once in awhile but ought to be dry until tomorrow night. Something is flowing in from north tomorrow night that may bring light snow towards the mountains for Saturday. Long-term models shows a cold dry Canadian air mass relocating on Sunday. This may bring us cold temps and dry weather for some of in a few days. Forecast from Thursday 4pm for Friday 4am Precipitation 0 in. Water 0 in. Snow Temperatures Low 12 High 24 Winds 0-5 N Forecast for Friday 4am to 4pm Precipitation 0 in. Water 0 in. Snow Temperatures Low 24 High 30 Winds 0-5 N/NW TRENDS AND TIMING Precipitation: Models indicated snow developing after 4pm tomorrow night and continuing into Saturday. Saturday is seeking to be considered a snowy and cool. Freezing levels: Cold air aloft flowing in from your north could keep surface temps over the cool side.

A loud dragging noise arrived of another room. I immediately sat up. I possibly could hear my pulse. Apart from my bong there is nothing weapon-worthy around me. The dragging noise stopped. I grabbed my bong and was ready to spill dirty water everywhere in self-defense. Nothing moved. Complete silence. “Hello?” I finally said, taking a stand. For a moment I thought I heard the dragging again, and an audio of any closing door, however the realization which i was standing in the center of my room at two each day armed with a plastic bong screamed over any fear. I had been losing it. It had been the initial day of this quarantine and I was losing it. I needed a cigarette. When people think about Prague they think about the castle, from the spires, of all old churches, but the majority of us reside in Soviet-era housing blocks. What once was previously villages and farmland was transformed into housing projects that just scream communism. Aesthetics didn’t matter; the powers that be just needed a location to cram in the merchandise of the infant boom.

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Golden Sunset Over A Broken Pier

Circular blocks manufactured from gray cement to the worker ants which has a hospital or school in the guts to help keep them docile. Dozens upon a large number of these architectural monstrosities litter the outskirts of Prague. I wasn’t the only person on the balcony that night. WHEN I lit up I possibly could see a large number of others standing by the railings; all puffing on cigarettes, all attempting to make sense of the new world that people were thrust into. The stillness of the night time was suddenly cut through having a sharp pitch. The circular nature of this housing projects made them an amphitheater; the sound bounced enough for being heard by everyone on the balconies. Under the street lamps you can start to see the source; a vintage man walking his dog, whistling. The pooch happily trotted by for the leash because the man hobbled along. There is a cheerful force in his whistle, he wasn’t just in an excellent mood, he wanted everyone in a nearby to know he was in an excellent mood. Nobody left their balcony. Most of us just quietly smoked, chucking in a single cancer stick following the other merely to have a justification to hear the old-timer whistle.

There was something calming about seeing someone so cheery. If that guy will make sense of most of the so could we. Once the old man finished off of the walk and went into his creating a handful of the balcony people clapped however they were immediately shushed. It had been two AM; not enough time for applause. The mood of camaraderie remained, once we finished off our cigarettes and visited sleep we waved at one another. I got back to bed and began to drift off, yet when i was going to start dreaming I heard something within the wall. Gentle touches, as though something small was attempting to scrape in the wall from another side. The sound was quiet, nonetheless it raised an alarm in my own head. Rats. My eyes bolted open with worry. I’d be stuck with this tiny apartment for just two months with a lot of rats. They might nibble away within my food and make me sick. I would die.