www.highdefdigest.comPresident Lincoln ambled into his office to get a face-to-face ending up in Joe Hooker, Commanding General of this Army in the Potomac. Hooker had not been convinced. After 8:00 P.M. a telegram originated from Babcock. It contained a written report from the refugee student from St. James College in Hagerstown. Hagerstown and Frederick on Boonsboro road except one cavalry camp 4 miles from Hagerstown where they passed the pickets. No force at Boonsboro to be observed at South Mountain. From reliable sources they state they found that Longstreet as well as a. P. Hill are coming rapidly. He took the problem up with Halleck at command. Together they divined that Hill and Longstreet were over the river plus the force before Slocum was a feint. This is incorrect. The term went to Hookers army to cross the river and begin moving north, that they did with good smartness and speed. However they were doing this on false information.

In truth, neither Hill nor Longstreet was yet over the river. Lee’s feint at Slocum had backfired. He previously designed to hold Hooker south from the river until later, however the action raised doubts and figured strongly in Hooker’s decision to cross. This mistaken movement put Hooker along with the Army with the Potomac constantly in place in Pennsylvania before Lee’s main force. Ewell had been in Pennsylvania destroying and demoralizing. But Hooker’s early movement thwarted the program that Lee had at heart. To complicate matters for Lee, two other situations existed. Hooker’s timely crossing with the Potomac, though predicated on bad intelligence, had the result of stealing a march on Lee. Lee didn’t understand that Hooker had moved and thought him still in Virginia. He didn’t learn his error until an essential moment. And, Jeb Stewart was off up north, widely interpreting (or misinterpreting) the liberty that Lee gave him. Stewart’s foolish decision to ride round the Army on the Potomac again to regain a few of his glory and reputation devastated Lee’s plan.

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On June 27, Lee joined A. P. Hill at Chambersburg. Once the conference split up, Lee drew in to the middle of the diamond and turned right onto the Gettysburg pike. The Union spy Hoke took a train to the administrative centre and reported to General Couch. Couch telegraphed Hooker, who was simply muddling along in the torrential rain to create headquarters at Poolville, Maryland. General John Reynolds was at Middleton, the best part of Howard’s Eleventh Corps. He informed headquarters for the 28th of apparent eminent attack on Gettysburg. Hooker had a division of cavalry submitted the direction of Emmitsburg and Gettysburg. He previously known for several because the twenty-seventh that Lee’s entire invading army was at Pennsylvania. However, the Union had reason behind optimism. Lee over extended his forces and spread them very thin. However the mind-set at army command was in a way that nothing brought joy or good feelings about some of this.

Halleck and Lincoln were angry with Hooker. In their mind, he let Lee make his transfer to Pennsylvania with without any advance warning. They wanted him to avoid Lee and do it. Pandemonium, that bordered on panic, reigned at command headquarters. Halleck never favored Hooker’s appointment and today he felt he could say so. The war of words that were building since Chancellorsville now escalated into a crescendo. Hooker also said that Lincoln and Halleck were tying his hands. Hooker said bluntly to Halleck along with the President. Hooker is at a dilemma. He wanted out but he didn’t desire to quit. He thought he knew ways to force Lincoln to displace him. Hooker knew what McClellan and Pinkerton had done in constantly over-estimating how big is the enmy forces and exactly how bitter it made Lincoln. He knew these misrepesentations figured largely in Lincoln’s decision to alleviate McClellan as Commander on the Army from the Potomac for the ultimate time.