A huge blackout cut electricity services across Tenerife today – as neighbours report hearing a great time near an electrical station on the vacation island. Traffic lights are reported to be down and a huge selection of people are thought to be trapped in lifts and underground car parks because of the power cut, that is estimated to possess affected one million people. By 8pm tonite, 65 % of homes had power, but full service will never be restored until tomorrow morning, local authorities have said. Neighbours living close to an electricity power station in Candelaria on Tenerife’s east coast are thought to have heard a great time once the power transpired at around 1pm on Sunday. Hospitals plus the Spanish island’s two airports werefunctioning as normal because of back-up generators, but earlier today trams in Tenerife’s capital Santa Cruz have already been forced to prevent. British tourist Beverly Hunter said: around 9pm local time ‘Most from the pubs and restaurants were closed. We got a sandwich as the sun was still up. These were mainly linked to incidents involving lifts that had stopped working, alarms going off, opening side along with other electrical incidents.

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Huge Blackout Cuts Electricity Services Across TenerifeHuge Blackout Cuts Electricity Services Across TenerifeChloe Bambrick, who was simply residing in Adeje within the south in the island, tweeted around 9pm local time: ‘I’ve sat contemplating my entire life all day without phone or electricity as the whole of Tenerife has already established an electrical cut. Eight hours later I’m still sitting in darkness and starving. Holidaymaker Scott Waterhouse added: ‘Last night in Tenerife and there has been an electrical cut. All bars and restaurants closed. A receptionist in the three-star Hotel Catalonia Oro Negro said the mains electricity was down however the hotel was functioning as normal with generators. A worker in the Jardin Tropical Hotel in Adeje, however, said the blackout was causing some problems, but ‘thankfully all of the lifts were working’. Brit Debbie Moyse, manager on the Cozy Cafe in Playa de Las Americas, added: ‘I reckon I’ll lose around 10,000 euros in food alone. Taking to Twitter, one user posted an image of an packed beach.

He said: ‘Tenerife blackout. I’ve got four large-stand up freezers and seven catering fridges in your kitchen and everything within should be disposed of. We’re well-known in your community for the Sunday lunches and we haven’t had the opportunity to serve any hot food since around 1pm. All I could serve are cakes and cold drinks till the ice melts. At this time I’ve got 20 people around the terrace getting stuck in to the sangria while another customer has were able to placed on some music through his phone. I am in Tenerife for five years and also have never heard about a blackout this size. The entire island may be hit. The blackout, which occurred around 1pm local time, prompted a large number of locals and holidaymakers to try Twitter on Sunday. One user posted an image of your packed beach. He said: ‘Tenerife blackout. Many people are for the beach’. Another added: ‘I arrived at Tenerife on holiday and the energy is out, how good’. Blackout in Tenerife affecting almost (or even the complete) island. I’m near deadline and I needed my laptop to work’, said a British expat. The thing I like concerning this is I’m eating all of the ice cream within the fridge before it melts’.

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