Another day, another storm. Recent days have already been attempting to say minimal as you storm disappears a different one arrives. This time around, this storm does not have any name nonetheless it has arrived using a vengeance. Gale force winds with intermittent rain. Downpours with almost horizontal rain will be more precise. Snow was predicted for yesterday evening but thankfully this didn’t materialise here on our little Island although I am aware there’s been plenty for the mainland. There is a mild frost with signs of a hail storm but nothing too serious. I smiled when i looked from the window to admire the green shoots poking through. Daffodils making there entrance wowing us making use of their beauty and determination regardless of the weather. Wood have been chopped and our store cupboard is full so we have been thankful. Once more the ferry is either cancelled or disruptions expected. The hens are roaming around at this time but scuttle back to there cosy home when the wind accumulates.

Time Until 4pm Tomorrow


They certainly are a joy to view therefore much fun. All of them are still laying so eggs have already been plentiful all winter as well as for that people feel truly blessed. I really do take some eggs to my neighbours over a Saturday and contact the neighborhood store for anything we are in need of for that weekend. You can find no stores open over a Sunday as this Island still practices observance. We actually quite love this particular and don’t find it too difficult but I am certain there will be some that could like change. I’ve a carrot and sweet potato soup ready in the event there’s a power cut. A loaf of mixed seed bread has just emerge from the bread making machine. It smells delicious and is definitely a temptation for me personally but I’m attempting to be strong and resist for just a little longer. Until it cools and will be cut just a little thinner anyway. Finally, an orange cake made plus some fairy cakes ready for visitors after church tomorrow. I used Tesco’s Italian Mixed Peel which really is a combination of glace lemon and orange peel, ideal for the topping. As always I really do thank you for you personally visit as well as your comments. I really do hope the elements is behaving just a little better what your location is. A warm here you are at new followers I really do hope you love my little adventures through life.