Good morning all – Happy NY Eve! Yesterday’s s/a – I had been exhausted, but finally got a goods night sleep yesterday evening. My Fitbit said over 11 hours. Proper drugs certainly are a wonderful thing sometimes. Yesterday’s activity – nada – just addressing work, the Dr, the store, and home was all I possibly could manage. Hello all. Personally i think much better today. The final 3-4 days have already been rough. But I visited the Urgent Care Clinic plus they gave me the right cough syrup that quieted me down and put me to sleep – that is what I must say i needed. I don’t believe I slept a wink Sunday night especially, when i was coughing forever. At the very least that’s imagine if felt like. Greg said I had been much quieter yesterday evening. So my NY celebration includes another swig or two of this cough syrup, and I’ll get back to sleep!

HA! I really do need to head to TJ’s after work and purchase some milkand coffeecake, therefore i might have it while I watch the Rose Parade tomorrow morning! I am hoping I’ll be sufficiently then to obtain a good walk in also. We’d a quiet weekend – I didn’t go out once, aside from your dog walk on Sat, and on Sun to obtain Greg his spare key with the van – he previously locked himself out and needed rescuing. And because I couldn’t sleep anyways on Sunday, was up for the 49’er game on Sunday night. A nail bitter as always. I’ve a sense we’ll be playing Seattle in 14 days. I put to get into work yesterday – we did the payroll on the brand new system. They mailed me what they call reports – which can be basically excel files with all the current detail. I’ll need to sort and subtotal them myself in order to bill the town until I get that report writing trained in Feb. I’ll fake it till i quickly guess. I must run. I am hoping you all have an excellent NY’s eve. I might have the ability to stay until 9PM, for any ball drop in NY – easily will get a TV channel that show’s it live. That is the tricky part – sometime CNN or the FOX channel don’t time delay it. The top networks do. I’d like it live!

“This isn’t a poisoning Sultanim!

Fahriye asks Halime how little Mustafa does and she says fine, he could be sleeping but why are you currently asking and Fahriye says there’s illness hovering concerning the palace. Handan mumbles to Dervish about how exactly another women are huddled together looking forward to her son to die like this Just then Bulbul arrives shouting that calamity has befallen them and that certain from the aghas is dead, in the event that you see his face! Also to be cautious and avoid! “This isn’t a poisoning Sultanim! That is smallpox…smallpox virus! Safiye orders everyone to obtain out simultaneously along with the doctors notice marks on Ahmet’s arm. Handan cries out and really wants to get in touch with her son but Dervish pulls her away. Many people are within the hallway and Dervish springs into action and orders that Haci agha to safeguard the sultanas and shehzade Mustafa and this everyone within the harem is usually to be examined which even suspiscion of smallpox will do.

Safiye tells Dervish that no-one must observe Ahmet’s condition, because should they hear then you will see rebellion plus they won’t have the ability to stop anyone. Halime says she’ll check her son. Meanwhile Anastasia has been beaten. Cennet would go to her and says why are you currently still quiet, why did you try to escape, who helped you, at the very least say that, you’re gonna kill yourself! Meanwhile, we see Anastasia’s father log off a ship and he says “were are you currently Anastasia? Alex has returned towards the barracks and his friends ask where he’s got been, also to inform them, where is Anastasia? Did he take her? Alex replies that she changed her mind about running away and returned for the palace. What? You risked your daily life and she changed her mind? Alex says, she couldn’t… He rips from the ribbon and stuffs it under his pillow. But why did she desire to try to escape then? Another guy says he’ll tell the aghas should they don’t shut up.