#twomanyraptors - Explore twomanyraptors on DeviantArtMarch 8 (cont’d): John washed a mixed load of clothes today. That contains colors, whites, towels, etc. We seldom separate our clothes preferring instead to clean a complete load several times weekly. John hung clothes to dry today, forgoing the usage of the dryer. When he came indoors later together with the towels he did something I’ve done often myself: he held those to his nose and inhaled deeply, “GOOD!” That’s a very important factor the dryer won’t give us, that lovely line dried aroma of clean laundry. Oxygen and sunshine are FREE no artificial perfume will ever duplicate that aroma try though candle and freshener manufacturers do. Peaches to Beaches yard sale stretches for approximately 250 miles right away on the peach growing district towards the coastline of Georgia. I’ve attended this yard sale regularly for recent years but this season I’m skipping it, around I’ve enjoyed it before (and the elements is lovely today!).

Chronicles OF ANY Thrifty HomemakerChronicles OF ANY Thrifty HomemakerIn years past I’ve spent about $40, my own limit for any yard sale. I’ve that amount in my own purse at the moment, but I’m saving $40 as well as the gasoline usage. I don’t possess room for further ‘stuff’ at the moment and I want other activities I never find at yardsales or thrift stores. For the time being, I figured I’d store my money for a little. Made sloppy joes from scratch today. I composed my very own sauce. A can of sloppy joe sauce costs $3 nowadays. I saved $2.50 making my very own sauce. Made my very own BBQ sauce, too. Savings $2.59 the expense of one bottle of sauce. March 9: No expenses linked to today except the tiny level of electricity used. We stayed home, didn’t do any work apart from heating our dinner and putting it up for grabs. John watched Rugby, which I’d never seen before and rather enjoyed watching, too.

Filled my Swagbuck quota today doing searches. I had formed enough points at day’s end to order another gift card. March 10: Spring Forward today for Daylight Savings Time. We set our clocks back yesterday evening before going to bed. I’ll appreciate the later evening hours, especially given that the winter will be passing. It’ll give me more time I could spend inside the yard. John had an errand he wished to run today. It took us over one hour abroad. We were both surprised that it had been so much beyond we’d thought it could be. Along the way back again, now well in to the afternoon, he decided we’d stop for lunch. 5 to get a footlong sub, $3 for just two drinks and eating al fresco beneath the big covered patio at the area enjoying the warm late winter afternoon, FREE. We’d many options, which could have cost a great deal more than our $8 meal, nevertheless, you can’t beat atmosphere.

We’ve always enjoyed picnics and eating outdoors.

We overlooked a city park as well as a row of lovely old houses opposite. The birds sang, it had been reasonably quiet for a location near a highway and was so pleasant we lingered for over one hour after eating! That little patio made us think hard in what we like. We’ve always enjoyed picnics and eating outdoors. John mentioned twice just how much he was enjoying himself and I said exactly the same at least 2 times myself. I believe we will be focusing on those areas this Spring. We’ve virtually all the furnishings we have to do that. Our only expense may be the purchase of an umbrella for shade for your patio. Bought the Sunday paper while we were out. Coupons galore this week, plenty of to offset the expense of the paper. March 11: Morning spent in your kitchen. I made 1 dozen egg rolls. Savings $1 each or $12. That’s what they cost on the Chinese restaurant and mine are simply nearly as good.

Perhaps better still, once we bake them. Cleaned the very best in the stove. No fancy cleaners required, despite the fact that there have been ‘baked on’ stains from days gone by month’s meals. I used baking soda, some Dawn detergent plus a green Scouring pad. I choose the pads in 8X 4 sheets in the hardware store for $1 each. I cut them into four 2X4 pads. I’ll have more use in the pad yet and also have three fresh ones in reserve. Not investing in a special cleaner is really a savings of $4. Roasted a complete chicken for the lunch today. I’d planned to BBQ it but didn’t. While I was prepping vegetables with the egg rolls, I composed a good coleslaw. 50) that were inside the fridge since Thursday and was obviously not likely to be eaten otherwise. Composed 16 slider type sandwiches. I used Smoked turkey legs and wings in the freezer to the meat, dinner rolls we’d bought and devote the freezer, and my homemade BBQ sauce. Having that convenience meal readily available for ‘heat and eat’ meals saves $8 (the expense of 1 dozen White Castle Burgers), and just as convenient to microwave.