[Weather] Temperatures recover to seasonal norms from Friday afternoon, dry weather continues (2020.02.06) - 동영상So I’m currently sitting in LAX looking forward to my next flight that is at 10:45pm. Last flight in my own journey HOORAY! NOW I AM really excited because of this because it is a fairly shit journey to obtain here. So i want to take you back again to the start; yesterday morning (Brisbane time). 10:00pm: Go to sleep and sleep. 04:00am: Awaken again, shower, sit within the lounge room, check everything. 05:30am: Set off to access Brisbane airport. 09:30am: Family leaves the airport and I sit with Amy and her family/friends. That’s where things began to fail. 10:30am:We have been sorry to announce but there’s a delay together with your flight, and we now have engineers focusing on the aircraft. 11:00am: We have been still experiencing this delay unfortunately and can have significantly more information at 12pm, please arrived at gate 81 and collect a voucher to utilize within the terminal. 12:00pm: We have been still experiencing this delay unfortunately and can have significantly more information in 50-60 minutes. 01:00pm: We have been still experiencing this delay unfortunately and desire to perhaps you have boarded soon. 01:20pm: We have been very happy to announce boarding has commenced for flight blah blah to New Zealand.

Lunch with this flight was alright; Cajun Chicken with Potato Salad including a Brownie.

Dreams BECOME A REALITY: Party INSIDE THE U.S.ADreams BECOME A REALITY: Party INSIDE THE U.S.AAll whilst this is happening Amy and myself were starting to panic and wonder what would happen if we missed our connecting flight to LA and consequently our flight to Orlando. However that has been false once we left Brisbane International soon after 2pm and found its way to Auckland soon after 8pm local time. While at Auckland we looked around, I called mum and we continued the web. Before we knew it, (due to the extended delay at Brisbane we didn’t need to wait for as long in Auckland) it had been time and energy to board our 12 hour flight to LA. Lunch with this flight was alright; Cajun Chicken with Potato Salad including a Brownie. For the 12 hour flight Amy and I got 2 seats alone close to one another right at the trunk so we’re able to stay reclined the complete flight. This flight was smooth, went off with out a hitch and we arrived half an hour before schedule.

Supper with this flight was average; Lemon Pepper Chicken with Mashed Potato, Peas and Corn and the most beautiful dessert ever, Plum Ice-Cream! Then it had been snack time also it was the decision of; Chips, Shapes or Shortbread. Amy and I both had Shapes including a Hot Chocolate roughly 6:00am LA time before our next meal was served. Breakfast was nice again; White Chocolate Pancakes with Apple, Blueberry and Cinnamon Compote with Vanilla Syrup, Fruit Salad and Strawberry yoghurt. Then before we knew it, we were over LA and getting ready to land. With this flight I slept a good bit and froze much I needed 2 blankets! Poor Amy froze towards the finish however they had no blankets left, so we’ve both dosed through to Cold and Flu tablets. 02:00pm: Amy and I complete Customs and security and commence our journey to another terminal to check on set for our Delta flight, both of us feel fine at this time and we sign in without problem.

We then spend 90 minutes searching for our departure gate before finding it, and walking around a little more before deciding to visit another terminal which we are able to access and having dinner. 04:50pm: Supper American style. McDonalds. Problem? Yes! There smaller meals are our Aussie large meals! I had been shocked, I understand that I’ll only ever order a kids size from now! On our in the past from dinner we got a good start on the shuttle that the person was driving throughout the airport and by the end I asked if we tip him, he said something and shrugged his shoulders. We gave him $2 and he was like Oh Okay. Straight after Amy and I visited google to learn how much we ought to tip etc but couldn’t find much, I’ll ask tomorrow morning whenever we sign in. 06:27pm: WHEN I sit here and write this, the sensation of my brain still being within the plane and lightheaded feeling I’m experiencing isn’t showing any signs of leaving. FML. I could only hope I sleep on my next flight and awaken feeling healthier. 06:55pm: I’ve now finished this post and will hang with Amy and relax before our last flight.

My Sultan, my master! Your wretched slave, servant, your worthless cariye has caught fire/is alight because of the fire of yearning, dreaming of your day of seeing you again. Meanwhile, Shah is eating breakfast with Hatice and Hatice asks her what she actually is doing. That she doesn’t say anything to her. Hatice says no, that Shah had made her a promise! Shah says that nothing may happen, she can stay static in another room. Hatice is agitated and says that it’s apparent she wishes to send her away. Suleyman is suddenly announced and he enters for the shock of Hatice and Shah. He sees Hatice and Shah welcomes him and Suleyman asks what Hatice does there and she says she found visit and he says that she shouldn’t lie to him, as Lutfi Pasha said that she didn’t head to her palace in any way. Meanwhile In Edirne, Moshe is here to go to Hurrem. They speak behind the screen.