The scene opens using the Pure Class Arena decked out in red with hearts and flowers everywhere as “Love Hurts” by Nazareth plays. Yes, we’re totally current on modern music within PCW, fellow kids. Jerry Andrews: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Jerry Andrews, it’s ROMANTIC DAYS CELEBRATION and, while I am hoping that everyone on the market has been someone they love, we at Pure Class Wrestling understand that, sometimes, Love Hurts. Ace Anderson: You’re right about this, Jerry! And, tonight, if people can’t keep their emotions in balance, it could find yourself costing them $100,000! Jerry Andrews: That is right! We know this is often a very emotional day, that is why PCW officials have declared that when anyone is unwilling to utilize their partner tonight, they’ll be fined $100,000! Ace Anderson: It’s nice that PCW is wanting to create people together on this type of romantic day. Jason and Destiny Willard are walking up to building whose first-rate, immaculate features have already been blurred out from relevance. Enough time of day is late morning. He looks inside the direction that she’s pointing.

Her excitement becomes infectious as clings to him. Destiny euphorically swings around in order that she’s in person with him. He reaches right into a side pocket and pulls out a box of colored chalk. It’s at this time they join hands and begin to jump along like a couple of kids over a sugar high. Destiny sweetly singsongs because they jaunt over. Jason uses multiple colors for your rectangles, then Destiny writes inside the numbers. Jason dubiously looks around, then settles on the leaned whisper and air quotes. Destiny’s eyes widen. She slips a give her mouth and crouches down with him. He lowers his head. That is included with a side of gentle finger pokes once they stand backup. Jason responds in kind by choosing her ticklish spots, which in turn causes her to squeal. Then goes towards their car. She gives chase initially, but gives up after remembering someone should monitor the playground game. Only if they had considered asking Gerard for a few velvet rope, the issue would’ve been solved.

The Willards pause for an instant, aghast because of the accusation.

But that’s life. Jason returns with items at hand. Phoebe the infant doll gets sat in her stroller. The boombox WITH cassette tape inside sits close to her plus the gift is over a need to find out basis. They await the hit 1985 dance-pop song to essentially take off using its synth riffs prior to starting the overall game. The marker is retrieved both individually and as well as Destiny riding piggyback. Building security has allowed what to go far enough. They confront both out from suspicion, seconds following the chorus finishes. Both are of bouncer size, nicely filling in their jet black uniforms and providing them with an imposing look to be all business. The Willards pause for an instant, aghast because of the accusation. No response is provided, however the music is switched off. It’s only then does Jason opt to formally respond. Destiny is quickly in his ear with her hands covering things. Jason talks about her and nods. She now addresses the officer.

Security remains stoic. The gift is wrapped within a hodgepodge assortment of leftover holiday paper. Them all. Also, there may (or may possibly not be) some Happy Birthday and Graduation patterns. The Willards leave the vicinity plus the box gets checked for content. A Mickey ears hat sits inside. Back at ringside, Sasha Greene is preparing to go. Sasha Greene: The next contest is scheduled for just one fall. Sasha Greene: Being resulted in the ring by Destiny Willard, from Anaheim, California, weighing 250 lbs, JASON WILLARD! They provide exaggerated reactions towards the enormously loud boos while popping a number of the balloons within the faces on the faithful. After they reach the ring, he holds the ropes open on her behalf and follows. She cheerfully skips around before they kiss in the center of the ring, simultaneously giving a curtsy and bow while they certainly. They take part in some childlike antics at ringside while looking forward to the match to begin with. Sasha Greene: And his tag team partner, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Weighing 221 lbs, he could be the PCW Underground Champion, RICK “THE IMPACT” MAJORS!