Every day, my inbox is filled up with emails promoting just one more new online marketing strategy or promising results which will cure most of my marketing ills. A lot of the strategies are flash-in-the-pan — here today and gone tomorrow as the next new strategy have been discovered. Several newer strategies have which can have stamina as time passes, like social media, which took quite a while to cultivate on me. I’ve learned the hard way never to be an early on adopter of new marketing strategies — I have a tendency to sit back watching the fallout to see if something will probably be worth my hard work. WHEN I reflect back on my early years running a business, I often felt such as a dog chasing my tail. I used to perform and run quickly in a single direction chasing one marketing idea, and reverse course, chasing my tail in another direction when hearing concerning the next “greatest thing.” What resulted from my helter-skelter marketing?

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Not much. I had been going in way too many directions simultaneously and attempting to keep way too many balls in the air to make a truly successful marketing plan that basically helped promote my business. Here’s the marketing secret I wished I’d learned in early stages: Adopt the online marketing strategy that best fits together with your gifts, talents, and interests, or quite simply: Do what you’re proficient at. Yep, it’s that easy. I knew that was advice for pursuing a lifetime career or starting a small business, but I never realized how well it put on marketing my company. Roughly 4 years into my business it suddenly dawned on me that we had been an excellent writer. Supervisors, teachers, friends, and colleagues had often complimented me on my writing, but I dismissed the praise because I came across writing to be always a taxing chore that gave me an enormous headache. It wasn’t until I learned how exactly to write for myself in my voice, instead of structuring my writing to meet up the criteria of others, that I must say i started to enjoy putting pen to paper (or, words over a screen, in the event that you will).

There is still something missing in the mix.

This love for writing made me an all natural for my now-favorite online marketing strategy, marketing with articles. Why do I really like it? Because it’s possible for me — sometimes scarily easy. However, I came across that having an art for a technique isn’t enough to reach your goals. Even at this time my marketing stayed hit-or-miss. There is still something missing in the mix. After hearing an excellent talk by way of a coaching colleague about how exactly he structured his time, I finally realized that which was the main element compoent missing from my online marketing strategy — as well as the missing component was exactly the same for the majority of another entrepreneurs sitting in the area with me at night. 1 marketing mistake created by nearly all web business owners is: Insufficient consistency. As soon as you determine where your talent lies and ways to integrate that right into a workable marketing plan, you then need to invest in implementing that plan consistently as time passes.

Could it possibly be that easy? The bottom line is, yes. I focused on publishing my ezine every Thursday morning. I focused on writing one new article every week for any ezine. I focused on syndicating one new article every week through my article submission service. I focused on repurposing my ezine content to my blog. I focused on making 1-2 new posts on my blog every week. That is only the end on the iceburg describing what I really do for marketing, but consistency was the catalyst that propelled me to an effective internet marketing strategy that I am implementing now for 5 years. My results? I no more chase after clients — they find me online. 100% of my business originates from my site, online marketing, or word-of-mouth referrals — I really do no in-person networking in any way any more. My internet site screens out those clients who aren’t an excellent fit and invites those who find themselves.