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I’ll try the Windows install since you suggest.

Sorry when planning on taking plenty of space on your own hub page, and for all your bother. And thanks for the support and interest. Unfortunately, but even the windows install has failed. Thanks for an instant reply! I’ll try the Windows install since you suggest. I’ve no idea why your installation failed but I’d definitely choose the WUBI (Windows Install) option since it is more (Windows) user-friendly. Ubuntu on the Windows partition implies that you’re performing an install of Ubuntu on a preexisting Windows partiton instead of installing one on a fresh Linux partition that is more challenging and risky to accomplish. It is a case which the first is safer for the Linux newbie. Happy am I, ready for a celebratory beer. You don’t have to wreck havoc on your partitions. Just upgrade, and keep your old settings. Hey all, and thanks for the rapid response. Sadly “I hardly understand you” is really a phrase I hear all too often, so I am sorry easily confuse you!

I have to keep windows and ubuntu on my pc. If that’s so, i quickly don’t need much memory given to the windows side, and will save it for your ubuntu side. I’m pleased to take whatever is certainly going though, so long as I could still use both. The issue with my installing 10.10 was that it didn’t let me keep both, in support of offered the entire reformatting. However, are you currently suggesting that this links above will just upgrade the ubuntu, and keep carefully the existing partitions because they stand? If that’s so, then it appears like a great choice! My main pc is in my own studio, therefore i can’t get access to it till tomorrow. I could try the direct upgrade then. Utilize the 2nd option since it is simpler, and particularly if you’ve got a good web connection. Why should you partition when its already installed? Now I wish to upgrade the 10.04 on my desktop to 10.10, but desire to keep a Windows partition as my image software is, alas, all pc based.