The ‘Until Tomorrow’ challenge has become an instant hit among Instagram users.

It took just a few days in self-isolation for the millennial generation to come up with a new addictive trend on social media.

From filters on Snapchat to trending video challenges on TikTok, there’s a lot out there to keep you busy and entertained while you stay at home.

In fact, the ‘Until Tomorrow’ challenge has become so successful that users are constantly searching for a proper explanation of the whole trend.

Many are now wondering what the Until Tomorrow meme means and here at HITC Entertainment we’ve got all the info you need for the latest Instagram trend.

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What is the ‘Until Tomorrow’ challenge?

The challenge, which comes under the hashtags #untiltomorow and #onlyuntiltomorrow, sees users post weird and funny pictures of themselves on Instagram.

The rule is that you have to keep the picture on your profile for the next day and delete it after 24 hours.

In addition, the latest rule that users have come up with is that you need to message everyone that has liked your post and ask them to post an embarrassing photo as well.

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What is the ‘Until Tomorrow’ meme?

The ‘Until Tomorrow’ meme is the latest branch of the whole Instagram challenge. It was created following the complaint of many on social media who weren’t aware of the full rules.