In a gathering on the CPCB-led Graded Response Action Plan (Grap) taskforce, it had been decided that industries not using PNG in Delhi will stay closed till November 2. The extension from the ban may also connect with coal-powered industries inside the satellite towns of Faridabad, Gurugram, Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida, Sonepat and Bahadurgarh, together with the exemption of power plants. The CPCB conducted another meeting on Wednesday with hawaii pollution control committees and municipal bodies, where agencies were ordered to intensify action on the floor and resolve all pending pollution-related complaints within a day. Prashant Gargava, member-secretary, CPCB, said that the ban on overnight construction inside the national Capital may also continue. Within an earlier meeting, the CPCB had banned overnight construction from October 26 to October 30 to be a pre-emptive measure. “The quality of air is in the ‘severe’ category since 5pm on Tuesday, which will probably continue until tomorrow (Thursday). But, we’ve been informed because of the India Meteorological Department (IMD) the wind speed has improved which is expected that by Friday (November 1), quality of air index might improve for the ‘very poor’ category,” Gargava said. He said that till Saturday, all construction activities that generate dust, hot-mix plants and stone crushers will never be permitted to operate between 6pm and 10am on November 2. This time around, the restriction won’t just be limited by Delhi, but may also be extended for the neighbouring cities. “All implementing agencies have already been directed to stay vigilant and intensify action for controlling the burning of waste, dust from construction and demolition activities, and road dust inside the coming days. Road dust should be controlled with multiple rounds of water sprinkling and dust suppressants,” he said.

This is excatly why there’s been a separation in the body of Christ! For this reason numerous Believers have already been saying This World, IGNORE IT as the Lord Jesus is coming and you will be here soon! For this reason we’ve been asking, CAN YOU Start to see the “Signs” of the changing times? Even with the risks of our very own necks, to become persecuted, mocked and scoffed at, to handle the same forms of treatment god, the father Jesus faced as He was going to the place of this skull, outside Jerusalem! These warning were designed to shake all the Lord God of Heaven’s Children using their Worldliness and awaken to serve Him! Since only few have woken up, again in the same way the Bible declares in the 10 Virgins! The Bridegroom may be the Lord Jesus plus the alarm bells are rings, announcing His soon arrival, can you now see?

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