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The line won’t continue to you, among your brothers are certain to get around the throne. I forgave him, because I did so not doubt his loyalty, I had been certain of it, but what he thought to me that day opened a deep wound in my own heart, it really is still open, still bleeding. I began doubting my mother. I thought my mother would yell and obtain mad, but rather she smiled and welcome me into her arms, she helped me. This is one way I entered my first Divan. I would carry the responsibilities of a padisah. I believed it. I knew I possibly could it. I made great decisions. Nothing would be like it had been before. Until, I saw her eyes through the gilded cage above. How naive I had been! My mother was simply tried to please me (without giving me any real power). I possibly could not do anything I needed.

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None in the orders I gave were completed. That day I realized that it wasn’t I who was simply within the throne, but my mother. And that has been once i swore to myself that no real matter what, I’d change that. But, the purchase price was heavy. Whenever I raised my head, they hurt me. And by hurting those closest if you ask me. They took Musa from me that day. WHILE I thought he previously ran away to save lots of his life. That they had caught him, and my mother had personally handed him to the traitorous dogs. The oppressors murdered him. On that day, I lost my Musa and was left with my Pharaoh alone – my mother! Murad chokes in his sleep and wakes around find Kosem standing over him. He says tell me the reality. Is Ibrahim alive? Huseyin pasha went towards your side too. He lied if you ask me, didn’t execute him.

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Kosem says you’d thought to me “you’re a disease which has entered hawaii, also to remove you from the body, I’ll do whatever is essential. I’ll destroy the dynasty, but won’t leave hawaii for you.” Kosem says how will you hate me enough to destroy the dynasty which includes ruled hawaii for years and years? Thank God you didn’t succeed. It really is true, Ibrahim is alive. Murad syas how come he alive mother? To sign the documents without reading them? To call home through exactly the same pains and also have his life considered hell? To create death result from probably the most beloved & most trusted place – from their own mother. How come he live mother? Kosem says anything you did, you did to yourself. You became a slave to your fears and weakness and you wished to take your pain from most of us, you start with me.

If Kasim is dead, Ibrahim is hurt and you also are in this problem, yes my role is big. But I did so everything for you personally. I did so it to safeguard you from dangers you couldn’t see. Murad says you’re section of that danger I possibly could not guess or see. My love for you personally ruined me. All of this time, I am dragged towards an abyss, and today we shall all be dragged involved with it together. I’ll find Ibrahim. The line will end. After me, among the Crimean princes from the Crimean Khanate will need my throne. Kosem says you can not do this. There is no need enough strength for this. I’ll never allow it. Inside the barracks, Kemankes tells Husyein our Sultana is in peril, I’ll not stay here hiding behind the Janissaries such as this with my hands tied. Huseyin says this is actually the best before tide calms down! Kosem sultana has thrown herself in to the fire to safeguard you! Kemankes says it must doomsday or something, there is absolutely no other explanation for several we are coping with at this time.