South African state transport operator Transnet has confirmed that the country’s bulk terminals will undoubtedly be closed to minerals shipments under a three-week government-ordered lockdown amid the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) pandemic. The majority terminals will near “mineral mining commodities” from 10pm on March 26 until 6am on April 17, apart from essential services including grains, soya bean meal, fertilizer and wood chips, Transnet said in a very notice to miners seen by Fastmarkets. Mining companies held emergency meetings across South Africa in early stages Tuesday March 24, and sources have already been predicting a spate of force majeure declarations. “Declarations of force majeure is going to be issued tomorrow when Transnet gives us the letters,” a mining source told Fastmarkets. Several companies have already been looking forward to clarity which products will be deemed essential and whether loading already started will be permitted to be completed. “To declare force majeure you will need official correspondence from the provider like Transnet. What folks were looking forward to was in case the ports were likely to continue loading what that they had started, also it looks like they’ll not beyond the deadline,” another mining source told Fastmarkets.

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