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I swept up using one of the issues classes for differential equations, that was quite complicated and I didn’t really understand it. I used to be also really slow so didn’t complete it rapidly. I also had lunch in this time around. 2 therefore i visited the penthouse to chill for one hour (and drink an enormous red bull when i was SHATTERED). I actually visited my bayesian lecture at 3. it had been pretty boring and we basically spent the complete hour achieving this hefty example, nonetheless it wasn’t too bad. 4 I would talk with my group project group but we rearranged it instead, therefore i went back towards the cluster to accomplish more work. I finished up drifting off to sleep for a little within my computer lol. I had formed dance at 5:45 also it was good this week. I’m sure we’ll obtain it looking sharp soon! I visited Morrisons to obtain some food and cooked myself a large plate of veggie pasta that was lovely. I got too tired therefore i visited bed instead lol, it had been an extended day.

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I got up at around 11, had breakfast and got ready etc and went set for my regression lecture at 1. this is super boring therefore i didn’t give consideration, instead I swept up with the issues class for fluid dynamics from your day before lol. 2 I met with my group project group to sort some stuff out while using report. I came across some images and started doing my references but didn’t have the ability to finish before we’d to leave again, so which will be my job for prior to the next meeting. 3 we’d a 2 hour fluid dynamics lecture that i actually liked. I got happy. I’m actually enjoying that one that is good, shame I cannot say exactly the same about the others then at 5 we were done. I visited Morrisons along the way home to seize some garlic bread when i really fancied it. I had formed several cocktails and a great time!

Unfortunately we finished up coming 2nd to last and our “prize” was a tin of beans lol (that i later discovered were over per year outdated ) in order that was sad hahaha. I had fashioned an enjoyable experience so didn’t mind a whole lot. I actually used it as each day off for once lol. I set that up that was exciting, and I simply chilled all day long. I didn’t properly get right up until 4:45, after i quickly got all set to yoga for a big change! I’d been and I possibly could really tell lol. I acquired into uni for approximately half 10, obtaining a starbucks along the way, and went right to the cluster to begin differential equations. I first swept up with the next problems class, that actually made some sense, and I printed off of the tutorial sheets because they may be useful sooner or later.

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I finally got started within the assignment I MUST SAY I shouldn’t have gone this before day before it had been due, it had been one HEFTY assignment and pretty bloody difficult too. I smudged the initial question that is all last year’s content lol in order that was embarrassing, therefore i was required to re-do that. Then i got about halfway through question 2 when I acquired super hungry therefore i went and bought lunch and visited my differential equations lecture. I checked those and couldn’t concentrate on the lecture lol therefore i didn’t do anything. 4 but I sacked it off and returned towards the cluster to transport on using the assignment. AGESSSS. I stayed within the cluster from 4 until 8:30 while i finally called it each day and went home. I must say i couldn’t be bothered to cook anything lol. 8 but also for some reason stayed during intercourse for just two 2 hours before actually waking up and ready.

12:15 to create my assignment up in neat – I don’t bother but that one was almost illegible therefore i thought it’d be considered a good notion lol. I only first got it done prior to the 3pm deadline my hand hurt very much afterwards. I went and submitted it and went back towards the cluster. I tried to meet up with algebra once we own an assignment due on tuesday i haven’t started, but I must say i wasn’t inside the mood lol. I acquired though about 50 % an hour in the double lecture from the other day before I quit and went home. I had been so tired I genuinely could’ve attended bed at half 6, but I didn’t. I tidied my room and today I’m here lol. Morrisons shop and plenty of batch cooking but I’ve made a decision to save that until tomorrow instead, when i have plenty of work to obtain done today. I have to finish catching up with algebra, try to do that assignment, and move ahead to fluid dynamics. I’ve already done 1 / 2 of that assignment (it’s due thursday) but obviously I have to do the next half.