I have heard the callings in the writing muse and am heeding her call to try another HubPages Challenge. I’m planning to embark on a nice long vacation this Fall and realize while I’m gone I will not have much usage of the internet, therefore i have to write as much hubs as you possibly can before I go. However the first sentence of the hub can be true! My experience with HubPages is the fact setting an objective to continually write top quality hubs is the better way to achieve success at HubPages. And because I enjoy set goals for myself, I must say i enjoy HubPages Challenges. The 1st HubPages challenge I did so was approximately nine days when i started at HubPages. 30 at 11:32 p.m. However the important thing is the fact I did so complete it. I will not bore you with any longer information regarding it because I’ve already written several hubs concerning the topic.

But it had been an excellent jump begin to my hub writing career. Inside the Spring, I bumped into prospectboy, another HubPages writer and he previously posted about how exactly he was doing 10 hubs in 10 days challenge and asked visitors to join him. I jumped around the bandwagon, but because of some craziness occurring in my own life at that time in time, I got only in a position to accomplish 7 inside the ten days. Although I got disappointed, it did increase my amount of hubs in a brief period. Within my suggestion, some individuals here on HubPages joined with me from June 15th through July 15th of the year to try another 30 Hubs in 1 month challenge. I used to be quite disappointed in myself that we only published 24 hubs within the 30 days. A lot of the other hubbers that participated actually made the purpose of 30 Hubs in 1 month. I had been glad on their behalf and took some solace in the truth that I did so write 24 hubs in an instant period, and may possibly not need gotten even half that lots of done left to my very own devices.

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And also I used to be happy that with my challenge, I could help other hubbers reach their goals. On the next couple of days, I continually done hubs until I hit the magic amount of 30. I believe it took me 38 days altogether. So, if you’re wondering if setting an objective to write a particular quantity of hubs within a concentrated period does work, I’m proof that it can. That hub challenge ended for me personally on July 23rd, that is your day I completed my 30th hub in the task, and for that reason hit 100 hubs written. Today is September 25th, which is my 115th hub, this means it took me over 8 weeks ( 60 days) to create 15 more hubs lacking any official challenge. Because I’m this type of big believer in goal setting techniques, this plan of HubPages Challenges is effective for me personally.

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And even through the challenges where I don’t reach the target, I’m contented by the truth that I know I’ve written a lot more than easily just plodded along, writing once the spirit moves me. This leads me to my current challenge. In a couple weeks, I’m going on an extended cruise where I will not have much usage of the web because I don’t desire to pay an arm and a leg for access. If some of you might have cruised, you should understand What i’m saying is the exorbitant prices they charge to gain access to the internet. I favor to utilize my minutes online through the cruise in which to stay touch with my children while I’m gone. I’ve an objective of hitting 150 hubs published by January 12, 2013, that is my one-year anniversary date with HubPages. I’m at 115 now and have to write 35 more within the next 3.5 months.

When I keep coming back from your cruise, I’ll have plenty of pictures with the ship as well as the places we visited to create at the very least 10 or 15 hubs. But I wish to boost my amount of published hubs now so through the holidays I will not be under just as much pressure to create. From October 1st through October 10th, I’m challenging myself to create ten hubs or 1 hub each day. Wish me luck, and when anyone really wants to join me, leave a comment expressing your commitment below, And begin compiling your set of hub ideas/pictures, so you will be all set on October 1st! Perhaps you have attempted a Hub Page Challenge? Yes, and I was successful. Yes, but I didn’t complete it with time. No, but I wish to. No, and I’m not thinking about taking part in them. What perhaps you have found to function as most inspirational places to create?