Many people believe if they die, they’ll head to Heaven. It has been taught in churches since way back when. However, this isn’t what’s written inside the bible. Within the bible it really is written that whenever will die, rather than likely to heaven, we shall enter Paradise. There’s a difference between Heaven and Paradise. The initial man who’ll be likely to Paradise is a man who was simply crucified alongside Jesus Christ. Luke 23: 41-43 “We have been punished justly, for we have been getting whatever we deserve, but this man did nothing wrong.” He then said ” Jesus, remember me once you enter into your Kingdom.” Jesus answered him, ” I let you know the reality, today you’ll be with me at night in Paradise”. Jesus told the person he would maintain Paradise, however, not when he’d maintain Paradise, because in Revelation we’ve been taught a number of things about Heaven and Paradise. Jesus tells us in John 3:13 Nobody has ever attended Heaven except the main one who came down from Heaven, the Son of man.

Revelation also teaches a lot of things about Paradise and Heaven. And I saw the dead, great and small, standing prior to the throne as well as the books of life were opened, that is the book of life. The dead were judged in accordance with what they will have done as recorded within the books. And the ocean quit it’s dead, and Hades quit the dead which were in “them” and each individual was judged in accordance with what he previously done. In Jewish teachings Hades means people will simple awake from the planet earth. Folks are simply asleep in the bottom. So, not merely will the ocean quit it’s dead, so will the planet earth. Hades may also be translated along with the underworld. This is explained in John 5:28 Each of them await within their graves for resurrection. Death isn’t life in Heave or hell, limbo, or purgatory. Death isn’t life of any sort.

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The soul will not live, the spirit will not live. Another important fact are available in Revelation 21:1 I QUICKLY saw a fresh Heaven and a fresh earth, and the initial earth had passed on, and there is no more any sea. Why would God develop a new earth, Wouldn’t that be Paradise? In addition, it tell us inside the bible that 144,000 will enter Heaven, and who the 144,000 will undoubtedly be. Revelation 7:4 And I hear the amount of those that were sealed, 144,000 out of every tribe on the sons of Israel. Another Verse in Revelation 22:3 No more maybe there is any curse. The throne of God plus the Lamb will undoubtedly be in the town and his servants will serve Him. This verse will not say his angels will serve him. Possibly the 144,000 will undoubtedly be his servants. The bible also tells us how wonderful Paradise will undoubtedly be.

In Paradise God will wipe away every tear, you will see no pain, sunlight will shine and it’ll be filled up with joy. Had THE PLANET EARTH Been Destroyed Before Adam And Eve? You can find two verses within the bible concerning the creation of the planet earth. The second reason is about Adam and Eve. In the initial, however man and woman were told to replenish the planet earth. The Antichrist isn’t just one individual, but maybe even several people. Is Hell In the heart of the planet earth or not? There’s a video in this particular hub, where you are able to here screams which come from a large hole in the planet earth. The hole falls in the planet earth it is too big to measure. Please usually do not watch video if sensitive. A Shocking Biblical Discovery: The Book of Job may be the Book of the annals of this Adversary Angel named Lucifer!