Advaita vedAnta isn’t a philosophy or perhaps a theory for discussion and entertainment. It’s the living connection with the oneness of life. It’s the perception and realization of the real Self. It’s the fulfillment in the deepest craving in man. It’s the conscious union of man together with the essence of the complete universe. It’s the realization that everything may be the eternal Being, pure awareness and bliss. VedAnta is really a approach to life, not just a field for intellectual argument and discussion. VedAnta is really a powerful weapon to destroy the darkness of ignorance. VedAnta gives us the methods to see beyond the phenomenon of sense perceptions. Everyone reside in the oneness of life. However they don’t realize it. They live like separate individuals, which come in constant conflict between their minds and their nature. It really is very different for you to definitely reside in oneness as another individual filled with miseries, than exceptional oneness moment to moment with peace, love and harmony with everything. Dear brothers, arguments and discussions can’t ever take you above the miseries of separation. Discussing advaita vedAnta won’t assist you to much.

Practice of vedAnta alone can provide you freedom along with the realization of oneness. Anta will probably be your savior, but only when you put the vedAntic principles used. People usually prefer to speak a whole lot and practice little. They would like to find answers in transcendental matters intellectually. They would like to get things fast and without much effort. Anta is becoming nowadays an ‘easy craft’ for Self realization. Modern teachers and ‘non teachers’ speak to people about advaita vedAnta without consideration. They speak little (if) concerning the fundamentals of spirituality. Purity of heart and mind, one-pointed mind, discrimination, dispassion, etc., are prerequisites for that practice of vedAnta. These qualities appear to be not so vital that you them. Modern teachers and ‘non teachers’ appear to ignore they talk with people whose minds are filled up with rajas and tamas, clinging mainly to sensual life and that are , perhaps, at the start of spirituality (even though they’re engaged in spiritual practices for quite some time).

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But Vedanta is for folks endowed with dispassion, discrimination and self control. 69. Step one to Liberation may be the extreme aversion to all or any perishable things, then follow calmness, self-control, forbearance, as well as the utter relinquishment of most work enjoined inside the Scriptures. 78. He who’s clear of the terrible snare with the hankering after sense-objects, so very hard to eliminate, is alone fit for Liberation, and none else – despite the fact that he be versed in every the six shastra-s. And then this type of mind which includes gained the inner strength of one-pointedness, Self-enquiry will undoubtedly be successful. Rajasic and tamasic minds are always agitated, anxious, desirous, distracted, fearful, extroverted, etc. How can be done to have an impure mind filled with rajas and tamas to accomplish contemplation, meditation and Self-enquiry? How can be done to have an impure mind to grasp the principles of vedAnta and put them into practice? How can be done to have an impure mind, which more often than not is dwelling on sense objects and will only perceive gross forms, to understand the Atman that is the essence of life as well as the subtlest of most?

It is simple, the focus on the Self, for him who may have qualities like dispassion, discrimination, one-pointed mind, renunciation, etc. For the others, it really is either less or even more, depending on just how much you have these qualities. Only sattva could make your brain serene, tranquil, discriminative, one-pointed, cheerful, introverted, etc. A sattvic mind gets the inclination to enquire within because of its source (pure awareness) and contains the ability to take action. A rajasic-tamasic mind could be transformed in sattva, only after long-term sAdhana, self-discipline as well as a sattvic lifestyle. But this technique of purification is quite hard, unpleasant and thorny, especially initially. Your brain resists intensively to its transformation. It generally does not prefer to abandon its old habits and patterns as well as the pleasures of sense objects. This is a great battle between your higher or sattvic mind contrary to the lower or impure mind. This technique requires great patience, perseverance, sincerity, steady determination, forbearance, faith, courage and an excellent thirst for the reality.