My Two Cents: February 2020My Two Cents: February 2020I am still feeling beneath the weather, today. Scratchy throat and inflamed sinuses, I believe, but no fever. I didn’t do anything much, today. I had developed emailed my supervisor before I visited sleep, yesterday evening, explaining I wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t likely to come into any office, today. So, I knew I didn’t need to awaken early and contact. However, I did so wake up maybe once or twice, early each day,; but, each and every time, I returned to sleep and slept in until past 11:00 a.m. Once I had been up, however, I contacted my supervisor, because she had sent me an extremely sweet email in reaction to mine. I’ve arranged with her to home based this entire week. Today, I stayed home, gargled with warm salt water, kept the heater on all day long, and took a day nap. It rained again, each day and at night.

E-dubble - Hampden Parks Lyrics - Genius LyricsIn between, within the afternoon, I earned the trash can and collected my mail. I received the reminder for jury duty, that i had postponed until June. I believe a reminder in February for any June service date is really a bit prematurily ., but I’ve kept the document in a reasonably central spot and I marked it on my calendar, too. I didn’t do any housework, today, apart from storing the laundry and doing the laundry (can do the kitty litter box before I go to sleep). So, only a very quiet, restful day. I cooked some rice and had that with the final in the chicken curry for lunch. I thawed and reheated the final packet of beef pot roast I had fashioned inside the freezer for my dinner, using a slice of bread and butter, and all of those other blackberries for dessert. There’s enough pot roast leftover for tomorrow’s your meal, and leftover rice, too. SINCE I HAVE didn’t go food shopping this last weekend, I’m eating through the fridge, freezer, and pantry. I’ll have to go food shopping later this week, however, for fresh produce! More rain for your garden! I’m really not making any plans for tomorrow, except doing office work. The rest depends on how well Personally i think and can await a later date or two without the problems. How was your Tuesday? What exactly are your plans for Wednesday?

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While the street is mostly best for SUVs, they did scrape just a little and high clearance is preferred. Day 17 – We took the dogs for an instant walk then went for an early on morning hike up Juniper Canyon. 3. The drive to Pine Canyon was uneventful plus the views will be the best we’ve had at any campsite up to now. Pine Canyon Road was easy driving completely. Tomorrow we go directly to the trailhead by the end of the street to hike into Pine Canyon. Day 18 – Got an early on start and hiked about 3/4 with the Pine Canyon Trail, about 3 miles total. Since we’re around four or five 5 miles of walking each day now and usage of the paved park roads from Pine Canyon was a straightforward 20 minute drive, we made a decision to head to Grapevine Hills Road to hike to Balanced Rock right before sunset.

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It was only one 1.25 miles a proven way and referred to as easy, however the last .25 miles was a significant rock scrambling climb that lots of people might consider difficult. Day 19 – Today was chore day. After breakfast we drove out to review Butte Terlingua to obtain some groceries and hopefully have a good hot shower. The stores inside the park had the fundamentals, but we wanted a more impressive selection and hopefully some fruit and vegetables, also it was a shorter drive into Terlingua. And, the only real showers within the park are in Rio Grande are adequate at best. On our last trip over a couple of days ago we got there later inside the afternoon and there is no warm water, lukewarm only. We found an RV park in Terlingua with hot showers for $4 per person. It had been a minimal budget sort of place along with the “club house” with showers was a dilapidated old single wide mobile home, however the showers were clean and the was hot. Best benefit was no quarters needed no timer to shut down the water as long as you’re in the center of washing your own hair.

Next we found the Cottonwood Market for groceries, it had been a little quirky sort of store, however the help there is super nice and we found whatever we wanted. Finally, an instant visit the postoffice to mail some belated birthday cards. 1, over the Terlingua Abajo road in support of ten minutes from Santa Elena Canyon. We took the Ross Maxwell Scenic drive to obtain there, stopping at many of the roadside exhibits along the way. We had to have Old Maverick Road to access the campsite, it really is a better gravel/dirt road and was at mostly very good condition aside from the washboards. Day 20 – We’d an instant breakfast then headed to hike the trail into Santa Elena Canyon. Terlingua Creek was too much to cross at the initial crossing, so we followed the trail the creek to cross at the rocky spot. A scramble up and over a steep hill and a brief walk along a higher bank to tie back to the primary trail at the initial crossing.