When writing copy for just about any media, it certainly is vital that you write within the active voice – not the passive. Active sentences give your copywriting spark and drive, energising your sales message with words that enliven the reader and cause them to become act. Indeed, just employing that one technique inside your copywriting will make the difference between securing a sale and losing one. If you are using passive sentences in the copywriting, they often times appear awkward and flat, and you also run the chance of one’s message being boring. Consider about any of it, you wouldn’t obtain a boring salesperson, why in the event that you feel compelled to do something upon limp and uninteresting copywriting? Just how do we actually write active sentences? Firstly, it is important to understand how each kind of sentence works. Let’s focus on the active sentence. Within an active sentence, the main topic of the sentence performs the action expressed within the verb. Quite simply, the topic ‘acts’ – which provides sentence its drive and spark. With this sentence, ‘the dog’ may be the subject from the sentence, and the person may be the object – while using verb in the centre driving the dog’s action. Here’s another example, is it possible to choose the relevant elements of the sentence as discussed above? With all the passive voice inside a sentence, the topic is applied or receives the action expressed within the verb. Generally, your copywriting will undoubtedly be clearer and much more direct if you opt to write active sentences. That is especially important when writing sales material, as you need the reader to do something upon your words. Try rewriting a bit of your copywriting using just the active voice, then compare it to the initial – you will be amazed by just how much more kick the next draft has.

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