All of SE Wisconsin is under a Winter Storm Warning until 6am Sunday, and the initial wave of your light wintry mix has moved into elements of the region. With temps bear freezing, we’re able to initially see rain plus some freezing rain before changing to snow late tonight. We will have about 1” of snow by Saturday morning. The wind also increases tonite to 30 mph and you will be gusting to 40 mph by morning. Light snow showers are possible throughout the day on Saturday having an additional 1-2” of snow along with a NE wind at 25-45 mph. This snow looks to be drier now, therefore the concern for blowing and drifting is really a concern. The heaviest snow is Saturday from 4pm until midnight. We’re able to see another 3-5” of snow throughout that time with NE winds around 50 mph. Travel isn’t recommended tomorrow evening. A lot of the area are certain to get 6-10” of snow. The machine moves out before Sunday morning and we’ll involve some sun which has a light breeze. Highs temps will undoubtedly be within the mid 20s, and stay static in the reduced 20s at Lambeau through the game. There’s now the opportunity for flurries and incredibly light snow through the game.

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We’re not thinking with regards to recession, we’re thinking with regards to the virus.

I think I read -Q Okay. Yesterday you’d said it had been, therefore i just -THE PRESIDENT: I believe I read -Q – wished to clarify.THE PRESIDENT: No, I didn’t. I had been discussing what we’re doing is in order. But I’m not discussing the herpes virus.Yes, please.Q The currency markets took another hit today. May be the U.S. economy heading right into a recession? THE PRESIDENT: Well, it might be. We’re not thinking with regards to recession, we’re thinking with regards to the virus. After we stop – I believe there’s a significant pent-up demand, both with regards to the currency markets and with regards to the economy. As soon as this goes away completely, once it undergoes and we’re finished with it, I believe you’re likely to visit a tremendous – a significant surge.Q Searching at any domestic travel restrictions? I understand that’s been up for grabs before, but is the fact firming up in any way? THE PRESIDENT: We’re not necessarily.

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until a brighter tomorrowWe hope we don’t need to, Steve. We believe hopefully we won’t want to do that. But it’s certainly a thing that we discuss each day. We haven’t made that decision.Q Mr. President, may i ask you: Doctors and nurses in this particular country are telling us over the board that they’re terrified of the virus, to the fact that they could obtain it, to the fact that they might go on it home with their families. So what can you tell assure healthcare providers with this country that the government does something today to make sure that they get personal protective equipment to safeguard themselves and their family? THE PRESIDENT: Yeah, well, I believe the government is doing precisely what we are able to possibly do. We made some excellent early decisions by keeping people out, by keeping bor- – countries out – certain countries where in fact the infection was very immense. I noticed lots of people are discussing South Korea because they’ve done an excellent job using one side, but on the other hand, tremendous problems at the start.

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They had tremendous problems and great amounts of death.I believe that we’ve done an excellent job from almost every standpoint. With that said, you look – irrespective of where you look, that is something – it’s a low profile enemy. And – but we have been speaking on a regular basis, not merely with individuals, but additionally the professional people – the nurses, the doctors. They are performing a fantastic job.We have been also working quite definitely on getting them the type of equipment they need. And generally, they’re either – they either own it or they’ll be setting it up.But remember this: we wish the governors, we wish the mayors, we wish them locally – from the local standpoint, since it can go quicker – we wish these to work. And we’d a great talk to the governors today. I believe it was an extremely great talk.

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There’s a significant coordination. There’s a significant spirit that people have alongside the governors. And that’s virtually, generally, bipartisan.Yeah.Q Mr. President, you merely – you told John that you imagine this may wash through, as you may said, July, August. You merely told Steve when he asked you in regards to a chance for recession, you said “it might be.” I’m curious, when there is a recession, when do you consider that may hit? THE PRESIDENT: Well, I don’t – I don’t, number 1, determine recession. I simply say this: We’ve a low profile enemy. We’ve a problem a month ago nobody ever considered. Nobody inside the – you understand, I’ve find out about it. I find out about – a long time ago, 1917, 1918. I’ve seen every one of the different – the various problems such as this that we’ve had.This can be a bad one. This can be a very bad one.