La Kunsthalle più bella del mondo VII. From the Eighties ...

The bad news-because there is absolutely no light without darkness-is that Destiny 2, and Destiny in the event that’s still your thing, are actually offline, and will not be back until tomorrow. See you on the other hand, Guardians. The lengthy downtime was announced the other day, but Bungie’s help site now includes a detailed schedule of how it’ll all go, if everything goes in accordance with plan. Basically, you will need to find another thing to accomplish today. The tweet says maintenance should conclude at 10 am PT/1 pm ET on October 1, as the help site says it’ll be done at 12 pm PT/3 pm ET, however the apparent mixup is really a matter of terminology: Destiny 1 and 2 services are anticipated to get back online at 10 am PT, also once the update will start rolling out. That process is scheduled to get complete by noon. Bungie warned that some players could have trouble signing in over “background maintenance” between 10 am and noon PT, and given the scope in the move, it is possible that you will see various other bumps on the way too. We’ll keep you posted.

Until Tomorrow I’ll Just Keep Moving On

I was “lucky” enough to get selling ice cream on the cart right at the attraction entrance that weekend, therefore i was basically an “honorary Temple on the Forbidden Eye” cast member, trying to explain to people why they couldn’t ride. I didn’t sell much ice cream, but I handled my fair share of angry guests. And we were just about honest — we didn’t supply the blanket term “technical difficulties.” We actually explained that which was happening (the area of the ride vehicles that keeps them around the track was showing stress fractures, and faced the chance of breaking and sending the automobile careening right into a wall — or, worse, into the pit after passing the Gates of Doom). But despite having it being truly a very real safety issue, individuals were mad. And I understood that (I have been a cast member for just one year and, despite all my training about such situations, including “repeat the concern back again to them is likely to words showing you realize, then apologize,” this is when I must say i learned that meant that empathy goes quite a distance when coping with somebody who is upset over something I cannot control).

Because, After all, I ACQUIRED it. These folks found see this heavily-marketed new attraction, and weren’t the dad I once handled who claimed he and his family came completely from Ohio Merely to ride the Matterhorn, and then miss it since they didn’t ride it on the initial four days of these Disneyland visit when it had been open, and on the fifth day it rested (er, After all, had closed because of its semi-annual refurbishment). I had formed trouble pretending to be sorry for the coffee lover. The people I REALLY DO feel for are those that booked trips when the opening date of ROTR was announced, prior to Disneyland announced the virtual queue/lottery system (they don’t really utilize the word “lottery,” but I believe Robert is accurate in calling it one). And Robert introduces another good point — when Galaxy’s Edge opened, before we knew that attendance was actually likely to drop, Disneyland hotel guests were guaranteed to obtain in. That seems a good move to make for ROTR aswell.

Maybe limit AP access (after they’ve ridden it once — I’m not seeking to cut them off, because they’re spending money on those passes) until following the initial demand dies down, so a family group from Ohio who booked a vacation when Disney announced the opening date, will get in in the event the attraction can operate. Sorry, I didn’t expect this comment to be on for such a long time. Hey, Robert, do you want a long-winded person to create verbose and rambling articles? Can someone verify something for me personally. 9 folks will undoubtedly be at Disneyland on Saturday the very first of February. If most of us have Disneyland app on our phones and most of us have everyone listed in the app with this tickets, can most of us simultaneously try to enter the virtual queue at exactly the same time once the park opens? I have no idea if that could create a concern and it will be best only if 1 person attempted it? Honestly speaking, it’s better if all 9 of you try.