As you’re well aware, the scope and reaction to the COVID-19 crisis changes each day and sometimes per hour. To become in alignment with one of these national and federal guidelines, I’m updating our directives. 1. Effective tomorrow, March 17, all churches and chapels, including adoration chapels and oratories should be closed until further notice. I am aware this is difficult news to talk about, but predicated on input from our environmental consultants and given Gov. Baker’s latest decrees, I had developed no choice but to consider this additional truly painful step. 2. Effective tomorrow, March 17, and until at the very least March 31 all diocesan pastoral offices will undoubtedly be closed numerous staff members working at home. Key workers could have their direct dial extensions redirected with their homes in order that they will be open to answer any questions. 3. I am aware many parishes will observe suit and close offices. I’m asking that employees continue being paid throughout this time around. 4. Funerals may ONLY be held and attended by immediate family and incredibly close friends, and could not exceed hawaii mandated limit of 25 people. Times and dates for these shouldn’t be posted nor published. 5. Mass intentions could be moved to later dates or provided by priests privately. I am aware these are very hard and disheartening measures, however they are crucial if we have been to decelerate this terrible virus. The diocese will continue steadily to update as circumstances warrant.

I agree inasmuch when i believe we ought to look to what in our Savior for clarification over the matters which He personally spoke. However, if one insists that the only real place for said clarification will come from may be the SPECIFIC words of Jesus then I’d need to disagree. The explanation for my disagreement, if this is exactly what you might claim, is twofold: 1) The secondary reason I disagree with this type of position is the fact that the main one holding to it could, by necessity, be bound to require an opposing statement directly from Jesus before their position could possibly be held as valid. Quite simply, if it’s demanded that Jesus specifically state something such as “The person who dies shall go right to Heaven or Hell” then we ought to except to get something similar (or exactly) to: “Truly I let you know, the person who dies will not go right to Heaven or Hell” — or various other form of exactly the same declaration. This implies that people should search the entirety from the Scriptures (not only the red-lettered words of Jesus) to find out whether a belief we’ll hold is correct or not since it is ALL from God.

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Indeed, even those that hold to perverse, deviant sexual practices often utilize the rational that ‘since Christ didn’t speak against it’ so it should be okay. Again, should those that hold compared to that rational be ‘forced’ showing a verse within the Bible where Jesus specifically condones the practice we (Christians) consider deviant and perverse, they might and really should, rightly object. Needless to say, the idea I’m making here isn’t an allusion to one’s sexual preference but to the preferential of 1 Scripture over another due to the person it’s related to whenever we, as Christians, should treat each word of Scripture as canon since it was inspired by God Himself. At this time Let me concede the real chance for our encountering individuals who declare, based on a strict ‘letter of regulations mentality,’ that since we hold to each word to be ‘from God’ that people must hold to those ideas stated by people within the Bible that are obviously against our beliefs and, in some instances, even to God Himself. For example, satan makes statements and, though he could be accurately quoted, he could be the daddy of lies.

This may be the case whenever we read within the Bible (Genesis 3:4-5) concerning if Eve would die if she ate in the fruit that were forbidden by God, “You should not die! No, God knows well that as soon as you eat of computer your eyes will undoubtedly be opened and you’ll be like gods who know very well what is good and what’s bad.” Though that is an accurately quoted statement additionally it is an accurately quoted lie from satan himself. But, with regard to argument, I’ll first apply what of Jesus Himself to guard my position that Christians do indeed head to Heaven soon after we die. Jesus’ clearest teaching on which happens to us directly after we die originated from Their own mouth as He was going to die around the cross. Jesus told among the thieves who was simply within the cross close to him, “I let you know the reality, today you’ll be with me at night in paradise.” (Luke 23:43) Exactly the same Greek word for paradise can be used within the Septuagint (that is the Greek translation in the Old Testament), to make reference to a park, a garden or perhaps a forest.

It often identifies your garden of Eden, (Genesis 2 and 3) also to your garden of God since it will undoubtedly be, (Ezekiel and Isaiah). That the word ‘paradise’ means Heaven in the correct sense of the word is certain based on the way the Apostle Paul used the word interchangeably. The Apostle Paul used the word “swept up to paradise” as being a parallel with “swept up to the 3rd heaven,” that is where God dwells (2 Corinthians 12:2-4 “I understand a guy in Christ who fourteen years back was swept up to the 3rd heaven. Whether it had been in the torso or from the body I really do not know-God knows. And I understand that man-whether in the torso or in addition to the body I really do not know, but God knows – was swept up to paradise. He heard inexpressible things, items that man isn’t permitted to inform.”).