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Two three–letter words: “but” and “and.” In grammatical terms, they’re called conjunctions. They bridge two clauses of an individual sentence together. In communication (and negotiation), these words are subtle manipulators of exclusion or inclusion. In most cases, “but” excludes, denies, discounts or for some reason rejects the prior clause. For instance, the statement “she actually is an extremely productive employee but she could be a bit demanding” is subtly unique of “she actually is an extremely productive employee and she could be a bit demanding.” In the initial example, the “but” will convey a negation of the initial clause with the sentence and only the next clause with the sentence. Within the next example, the “and” will convey an inclusion of the initial clause combined with the second clause. Take another example: “Yes I am aware you need to meet up with me at night before tomorrow’s meeting but my schedule is packed full” vs.

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In this example, through the use of “and” rather than “but” the speaker not merely avoids negating the original clause but additionally conveys towards the listener that his/her concerns about having to meet are acknowledged. The usage of “but” is extraordinarily common. Actually, few people actually recognize the subtle influence of using but. In the event that you were to consciously try to change “but” to “and” inside your speaking, you will observe how odd it feels. But, this is a worthwhile exercise if for no other reason than to are more comfortable with the capability to switch in one to another. However, there may be a far more important reason: using “and” rather than “but” can positively influence dialogue. When working with “and” rather than “but” there’s a sense of inclusion and acceptance even though the conclusion is really a denial or refusal. Give it a try on the next several days. Pay attention to others’ sentences so when you hear “but” change it out is likely to mind to “and.” Then, start hearing your personal sentences.

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